You’ve sweated the brief or the RFP. You’ve spent countless hours on the creative and presentation. It all rests on the pitch meeting. Wouldn’t it be great to get a subject-matter expert’s opinion before you go in?


That’s where I come in! The client-side SME. I can look at the work from a different lens, one that’s steeped in many years of sitting on the other side of the table. My input may not change the trajectory of the pitch but it will certainly tighten it up and prepare you for some of the client responses and questions.


Another area where I may be able to help is in training and development.  If you’re team has never worked client-side they may benefit from some training on what’s important to brand and product managers. I offer options from 4hr overview seminars to 2 day immersion sessions. Let’s discuss your agency’s needs and tailor an option for you!



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