Contrary to what Shapiro said at the end of the ‘90’s, brands aren’t dead. In fact, they’re probably more relevant today than ever in shaping consumers’ thoughts and opinions and influencing their actions. What is dead of course, is the old mass approach to targeting and brand building. That’s not to say that you can’t reach consumers with mass media or motivate great numbers with a single message anymore. It’s the HOW you go about doing that now that is so different. Never before has McLuhan’s adage “the medium is the message” been so central to branding. And it’s not the medium – ie the media choice, it’s every extension of the consumer in their interaction with your brand.


Consider all the consumer touchpoint opportunities to drive brand love in the purchase of a new car. Does the owned media elicit the feelings of what it’s like to drive that car? Are all the details on-site from how the salesperson interacts with them to the paperwork they sign designed to embody the brand? Does the key fob or entry system evoke the emotional connection to the car that the brand stands for?


Now, try to recreate that connection for a chocolate bar or a bottle of juice. I have, and I can help you do it too.



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