What do Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, and Bill Clinton all have in common? You guessed it, they’ve all enlisted the help of a coach.







Coaching is quickly becoming a standard tool for some of the world’s most successful people yet so many people are resistant to the idea. Do any of these objections sound like yours?


Isn’t it a bit “precious” to hire a coach?

But it’s OK to have a fitness coach or a financial advisor right? Having someone who keeps you accountable for your sports or finance goals is not only accepted but applauded. Why should it be any different with your life goals? It’s not self- centered to hire a professional to help you be your best YOU.


If I need a sounding board I’ll just talk to a friend…

Even if you pay your friend to be objective and detached, he or she will not be able to be unbiased. You have history. You have a relationship construct that likely isn’t based on making you the best YOU, you can be. I’m not just your sounding board though. Think of me as your guide, strategist and personal accountability partner. I’ll ask you open questions, get you to articulate and formulate your plan and then I’ll hold you accountable to executing it. Oh, and cheerleader – I’ll cheer you on as you tick off your milestones!


I don’t need a therapist…

Good because I’m NOT a therapist or a counsellor. I am not qualified to dig in to your past, help you with any psychological issues or “treat” you in any way. What I can do is ask you the tough questions that you maybe aren’t asking yourself, playback to you the answers that you KNOW you already have, and then either hold your hand or kick your butt to achieve the goals that will get you where you want to be.


I can’t afford a coach…

Maybe it’s not as expensive as you think. The coaching relationship isn’t meant to be a long term one. In fact, many clients get what they need within only 3 sessions. Some clients like to schedule follow-up or recalibration sessions after a few months to ensure they’re on track but coaching shouldn’t be an ongoing cost.


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I offer what I like to think of as the “trifecta” of coaching:

• I have 20+ years business experience and can help you find your path with professional goals.


• I’m a woman with some life experience just trying to balance a busy family, career, personal development, health, friendships, money, romance, housework, and spiritual life while dancing backwards in heels – just like everyone else! I can help you with your life goals.


• I’ve been a certified fitness instructor for over 25 years, run 10+ marathons (including 3 Boston’s), trained for an Ironman (but only completed the half, sigh) and have a really good grasp on health and wellness. I can also help you with your health goals.


• I use the “Co-Active” Coaching model and I’m working on my coaching certification through CTI – one of the oldest and most widely recognized coaching training organizations in the world. The “Co-Active” model recognizes that the coaching relationship is just that, a relationship. With neither party “over” the other and with both parties responsible for the outcome. It also identifies the importance of being an active relationship – one that is moving forward toward transformation.  It allows you to dance in the here and now with a bias for impending action….


• I offer a “fitting room” to try it on for size. Before engaging with me in a paid coaching relationship we’ll spend 15mins together on a Skype call to try the relationship on for fit. If at the end of our introduction you decide the fit isn’t right I will happily give you the contact information for some other coaches


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Let’s get started Package - $499

• 15min Introductory Skype call

• Self assessment homework package (to be completed prior to first call)

• 3x45min sessions (In person, Skype or phone)

• Written follow-up confirming agreements and plan after each session


Comprehensive Package - $899

• 15mins Introductory Skype call

• Self assessment homework package (to be completed prior to first call)

• 6x45min sessions (In person, Skype or phone)

• Written follow-up confirming agreements and plan after each session


Single Sessions (without the purchase of a Package) - $175/session*


Single Sessions (after the purchase of a Package) - $155/session*


Think coaching might be beneficial for you and maybe some of your friends? Why not host a Speed Coaching Party? The perfect excuse for a girls’ night in! You supply the friends and the wine and cheese (or whatever your favorite party refreshments are!). I supply the Coaching!


How it Works:

Invite 3-4 friends. We’ll have them fill out a mini- assessment at the start of the evening and then I’ll whisk them away one by one for a mini coaching session!


What’s in it for you:

Just for hosting you will receive a free full coaching session and follow-up. For every person who purchases a “Let’s get Started” package you receive another free session. For a party of 4 that could result in an $875 value for you!


Are you feeling a bit stuck? Personally? Professionally? With your health and wellbeing? I can help!


*Every session includes written follow-up


Contact me to learn more:

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